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My name is Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun.

Perhaps you’ve always known me as a fashion designer. That is absolutely true and yes, I’m zealous about fashion.

However, I studied nutrition science and public health at the University of Vienna from 2005 – 2010 and I've always been passionate about food and health issues too.


When I began my journey as a fashion designer, I made several trips to my city of birth, Lagos, Nigeria. I’d written an extensive thesis on the impacts of nutrients and physical activity on obesity and overweight in early 2010.


My frequent trips led to a concern about the health lifestyle of Africans. I constantly worried that Africans were perhaps misinformed; the myths and stereotypes around overweight, especially around being abdominally obese were so widespread that it pained me.


Obesity seemed to me as if it was taken so lightly. I had the impression that many of my fellow Africans, cared more about their cars and houses than they did about their body, this magnificent machine, which they often forget about, the only tool, that makes it possible to experience and live life. Which dreams and aspirations can come true without the help of the human body?


It spurred in me, the will and the determination to do something, to ignite a positive change in the mental attitude of Africans towards food and health. I started Eat Right Africa because I could no longer allow myself do nothing with my long acquired knowledge and initial professional background.


It is time to join hands together with you and fight obesity in Africa, we must take better care of our bodies, we must take responsibility for our wellbeing. Afterall, we hope to live long in our bodies and our actions and choices greatly influence our bodies functions. 


You'll soon find out that living a healthier life, and eating right is an enjoyable experience!




Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun

Ayo Van Elmar Fashion Cafe 

Lagos Oriental Hotel 

Lobby of the New Wing 

3 Lekki Road, Victoria Island,

Lagos, Nigeria.


Tel: +234 803 7077 553

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